September 3, 2020

1969/1972 Articles - Meridian Avenue as the preferred option for the 710

Two historical articles regarding the future of Meridian Avenue, circa 1969/1972.

The first is a brief 1972 Los Angeles Times article with a simple map that clearly shows Caltrans’s preferred alignment was Meridian Avenue.  Though it doesn’t show on this conceptual map, it is SMART Families' understanding that Bonita Drive would have been either an off-ramp or an on-ramp.  There would have been a tunnel for passing the high school stadium.

The second article, from the Pasadena Star-News, is from 1969 and shows the adopted version of Meridian and the westerly alignment which would have had more impacts to El Sereno and the westerly areas of South Pasadena.  There were other alignments studied in the following years…just variations of the Meridian alignment.