October 15, 2020

UPDATE: Restriction on Truck Usage for 804 Valley View Road Project

SMART Families has been following a project planned for 804 Valley View Road, only a short distance away from Meridian Avenue. SMART Families is pleased to announce that a major victory was achieved, with the restriction of big trucks traveling on Meridian Avenue to get to the project site!

SMART Families letter to the Planning Commission on September 7, 2020:
SMART Families Proposed Revisions to the Permit Conditions for 804 Valley View Road:
Email chain with City of South Pasadena Planning Department accepting permit proposed revisions:

Outside of the permit revisions, it's been brought to the attention of SMART Families that there still remains the concern for landslides associated with this project. The following email from neighbor Linda Esposito details this concern, which was sent to the City. SMART Families is following this concern since a landslide would inevitably result in trucks, equipment, and personnel needed to repair the problem and would likely shut down Valley View Road and cause indirect impacts to Bonita Drive and Meridian Avenue.

Email from SMART Families resident regarding 804 Valley View Road: